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Telegram Account

Before you sign up, ensure you have an active Telegram account. Knowing your exact Telegram username is crucial as it is part of the automated sign-up process through Whop. Once you enter your Telegram username on Whop, you will be automatically approved and added to our exclusive channel where the magic happens.

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Be Quick on the Draw

A significant volume of our selections focuses on ITF Men’s and Women’s matches. Given that these are considered smaller markets, the betting lines can shift rapidly. It’s imperative to act swiftly when our picks are broadcasted on Telegram to secure the best value on your wagers

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Sportsbook Selection

Our moneyline wagers are widely available across most sportsbooks. Nonetheless, for early-bird access to betting lines, we recommend platforms like Bet365 and Pinnacle, which typically offer odds ahead of others. These are the sportsbooks we often reference for our odds due to their early availability and reliability.

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Risk Management and Expectations

While we pride ourselves on our consistent performance, with no losing month recorded since January 2022, it’s important to acknowledge that bad runs are part of the betting landscape. For a transparent view of our track record, please review the results section, particularly the intervals of Jan 14th-15th, 2024, and Nov 6th-12th. These instances illustrate the kind of variance our service can experience.

If you find such fluctuations challenging, Ace Advantage Tennis Picks may not align with your betting preferences. We advocate treating our service as a gradual investment rather than a rapid wealth generation scheme. It’s about the steady climb, playing the long game, and making informed decisions based on solid data and analytics.

Remember, success in betting is not about short-term wins; it’s about consistent long-term performance. With Ace Advantage Tennis Picks, you’re not just betting; you’re investing in a service that’s committed to the smart side of tennis betting.